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Welcome to Star Ridge

Star Ridge provides the perfect getaway with all of the conveniences and amenities that you would expect from a luxury stay and mountain like views. Additionally, all of our stays can be customized for any and all needs that your group many want or have. Weddings, bourbon tours, corporate events, family vacations, and more are ideal fits for Star Ridge. 

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About Star Ridge

Star Ridge has 9 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, a commercial-grade kitchen, game hall, pool table, fire places, and sleeping 20 adults within 7,000 sf. Additionally, you will have access to nearly 35 miles of trails through the 700 acres that surround the house. Wonderful opportunities for hikes, runs, mountain biking, and more...  Star Ridge is minutes away from Huber winery and orchard. 


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  • Joe Huber's Family Farm: 1.7 miles

  • Huber Winery and Orchard: 2.4 miles

  • The Chicken House:  7.2 miles - great place

  • Norma Jean's Ice Cream - 6.7 miles 


Things to do: 

  • Covered Bridge Golf Club: 11.4 miles

  • Bourbon Trail: 19.2 miles

  • TEN20 Craft Brewery: 21.4 miles

  • Deam Lake State Rec area - 6.7 miles 



  • Clark County Regional Airport: 12.8 miles

  • SDF airport: 26.4 miles

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